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Oberwerk 45° 100mm Binocular Telescope

The highy-acclaimed Oberwerk BT-100-45, the world's most powerful binocular, features 45° oculars and a strong and smooth fork mount, which together provide comfortable astronomical viewing from horizon to zenith. Of course the 45° 100mm Binocular Telescope also has Oberwerk's signature broadband multi-coatings on every lens surface, including the massive porro prisms. 25x fully multi-coated wide-angle eyepieces are included, but because of the industry-standard 1.25" helical focusers, your favorite telescope eyepieces can be used as well. The rest of the binocular, including the semi-apochromatic triplet objectives, is the same proven design as found in the original 25/40x100mm Long-Range Observation Binocular.
Complete package price includes binocular, removable handle, 7x50mm finder-scope, aluminum carrying case, wooden tripod with fork mount, and 25x oculars. The tripod can be upgraded to our premium jarrah hardwood tripod. Either tripod can also be custom laser-engraved. If you need easy crank-up height adjustment, take a look at our Manfrotto 161MK2B tripod option. Need easy mobility? Just add the Manfrotto 181B Auto-Dolly. Because accurate collimation is critical at higher magnifications, every Oberwerk binocular is collimated prior to shipping- so even at 100x, you'll enjoy perfectly merged images. 3-year Limited Warranty.

BT-100-45 with 7x50 finder-scope, fork mount and standard tripod BT-100-45 with optional jarrah hardwood tripod BT-100-45 on optional Manfrotto 161MK2B tripod Close-up view of BT-100-45 with 7x50 finder-scope Close-up view of BT-100-45, with 1.25-inch telescope focusers BT-100-45, viewing Dayton, OH

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BT-100-45 with 7x50 finder-scope, fork mount and standard tripod
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