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 Binocular Accessories
Snapzoom Universal Digiscoping Adapter   Capture images or video using any Oberwerk binocular and any smartphone camera. $69.95

Bottom-Mount Binocular Riser  These risers are 1.5" wide by 1.25" tall. Solid aluminum, black-anodized, with 1/4-20 stud and 1/4-20 threaded hole on the bottom. They are sometimes required when mounting bottom-mount binoculars to certain types of tripod heads and binocular mounts. $19.95

Garrett Red Dot Finder   Adjustable brightness, a great value. more info... $19.95

Oberwerk Multi-Reticle Finder   Functions like a red dot finder, but with 4 selectable reticle patterns, in 2 colors (red and green), each with 5 levels of brightness. All-aluminum construction. more info... $69.95

Universal Astronomics Finder Mount  This unique adapter clamps to the horizontal bar of any bottom-mount binocular to allow mounting either the Garrett Red Dot Finder or Oberwerk Multi-Reticle Finder. Black-anodized aluminum construction. $39.95

Oberwerk Binocular Strap   1"-wide strap is much more comfortable than the cheap thin straps that come with other binoculars. Buy extras at close to our cost. more info... $6.95

Oberwerk Heavy-Duty Black Denim Binocular Strap   Extra-wide 1.5" strap is comfortable even with the heaviest binoculars. more info... $9.95

Oberwerk Lens Cleaner   The safest and easiest method of removing smudges from binocular objectives and eyepieces. more info... $9.95

Oberwerk 20x80 Hard Case   This is the hard case that now ships with the Oberwerk 20x80LW. A highly-recommended upgrade for owners of older 20x80LW's that shipped in a soft case. The custom-cut foam also fits the Oberwerk 20x80 Deluxe III perfectly. Click here for larger pic. $44.95

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