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 Binocular Accessories
Snapzoom Universal Digiscoping Adapter   Capture images or video using any Oberwerk binocular and any smartphone camera. $69.95

Novagrade Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter   The highest-quality digiscoping adapter on the market. Capture images or video using any Oberwerk binocular or spotting scope and any smartphone camera. $149.95

Novagrade Tablet Digiscoping Adapter   As above, but attaches any tablet from 7" to 13". Ideal for sharing the view with a group of people. $249.95

Bottom-Mount Binocular Riser  These risers are 1.5" wide by 1.25" tall. Solid aluminum, black-anodized, with 1/4-20 stud and 1/4-20 threaded hole on the bottom. They are sometimes required when mounting bottom-mount binoculars to certain types of tripod heads and binocular mounts. $19.95

Oberwerk Multi-Reticle Finder   Functions like a red dot finder, but with 4 selectable reticle patterns, in 2 colors (red and green), each with 5 levels of brightness. All-aluminum construction. more info... $49.95

Universal Astronomics Finder Mount  This unique adapter clamps to the horizontal bar of any bottom-mount binocular to allow mounting either a red dot finder or Oberwerk Multi-Reticle Finder. Black-anodized aluminum construction. $39.95

Oberwerk Binocular Strap   1"-wide strap is much more comfortable than the cheap thin straps that come with other binoculars. Buy extras at close to our cost. more info... $6.95

Oberwerk Heavy-Duty Black Denim Binocular Strap   Extra-wide 1.5" strap is comfortable even with the heaviest binoculars. more info... $9.95

Oberwerk Binocular Harness   Our harness holds your binocular tight against your chest to prevent bouncing when walking, yet allows the binocular to easily raise up to eye level. It also puts the weight on your shoulders instead of your neck, for all-day comfort. Quick-release clips allow fast binocular removal from the harness. $14.95

Oberwerk Lens Cleaner   The safest and easiest method of removing smudges from binocular objectives and eyepieces. more info... $9.95

Oberwerk 20x80 Hard Case   This is the hard case that now ships with the Oberwerk 20x80LW. A highly-recommended upgrade for owners of older 20x80LW's that shipped in a soft case. The custom-cut foam also fits the Oberwerk 20x80 Deluxe III perfectly. Click here for larger pic. $44.95

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