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Binoculars for the Home or Office with a View
Primary considerations-
  • Power
  • Resolution
  • Appearance
For the home or office view a great view, the top choice is one of the giant tripod-mounted 25/40x100 Oberwerk Long-Range Observation binoculars. Those needing extreme magnification should look at the BT-100, the most powerful binocular in the world. If binocular astronomy is also of interest, choose one of the 45° BT-Series binocular telescopes, for more comfortable viewing of the night sky. If space is tight, or you need something that is easily transported, the new BT-70-45 is a fraction of the size and weight of the BT-100-45.
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Oberwerk logo Long-Range Observation Binoculars
25/40x100 Long-Range "Classic"
Oberwerk 25/40x100 Long-Range Observation Binocular, "Classic" version in black pebblegrain. Simply awesome. 100mm (4"!) objectives with 25x and 40x oculars on rotating turrets. Includes case and wood tripod.   More info...
from $1,895
25/40x100 Long-Range "Contemporary"
Oberwerk 25/40x100 Long Range Observation Binocular, "Contemporary" version. Same optics as the "Classic", but with a modern high-tech appearance, removable handle, 7x50 finder-scope, and wood tripod.   More info...
from $1,995
Oberwerk logo Binocular Telescopes
Oberwerk 45° 70mm Binocular Telescope, the smallest and least expensive binocular with 1.25" focusers on market. Includes 16x FMC oculars. Broadband multi-coating throughout. Aluminum-frame case. Requires tripod mount.   More info...
from $850
Oberwerk 45° 100mm Binocular Telescope, a 45° version of our BT-100. Includes 25x FMC oculars. Broadband multi-coating throughout. Includes 7x50 finder-scope, aluminum case, fork mount, & wood tripod.   More info...
from $2,295
Kowa logo  Kowa Binoculars
Kowa 32x82mm Highlander Binoculars
If you’re looking for the best compact binocular telescope in production today, look no further than the Kowa Highlander series. Essentially Fujinon 150mm-class performance in a much smaller package (13.6 lbs.), with 45° viewing, and interchangeable eyepieces (optional). Available with standard (achromatic) or Fluorite (apochromatic) objective lenses. More info...
from $3,575

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