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Oberwerk Mirror Mount

A mirror mount is an economical, portable, and comfortable alternative to conventional binocular astronomy mounts. The mirror functions as a 90° diagonal, so most viewing is done by looking down- similar to using a microscope. When the binocular is horizontal, you're looking straight up. Take a look at the binoculars in the photo at the lower right of this page. They're both trained on the same object- which one looks more comfortable? Of course the image is reversed, but when you're looking at the night sky, it doesn't matter (same as a telescope). The Oberwerk Mirror Mount utilizes an extra-high-quality 1/2"-thick 1/4-wave mirror, which is available in two sizes- Standard (binoculars up to 70mm) and Large for binoculars up to 90mm (with 3mm cut-off at top and bottom). The quality of the mirror is such that no degradation of the image is visible at the relatively low magnifications of binoculars. The Mirror Mount components are CNC-machined (in the USA) from massive aluminum stock, then black powder-coated. The frame rail is slotted, and all components that attach to the rail are keyed, to allow infinite adjustment while maintaining perfect alignment. All hardware is stainless steel. The tripod head mount block is at a 45-degree angle, which keeps the weight of the mount/binocular as centered as possible over the tripod head when scanning from horizon to zenith. The Large model includes a spacer kit for use with bottom-mount binoculars, such as the Oberwerk 20x80 Deluxe II, shown at lower left. Spacer is 1.25" tall, and includes two aluminum discs that are .125" thick, so spacer height can be 1.25", 1.375", or 1.5", to allow precise alignment of objectives (at your IPD setting) with mirror. Uses standard 1/4-20 threading, so this will work on any tripod that can handle the combined weight of the mirror and binocular.

Oberwerk Mirror Mount
(as pictured below)
Standard- $169.95

Large- $219.95

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