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Why Buy from Us?

Welcome to BigBinoculars.com, the direct-sales outlet for Oberwerk, whose binoculars are increasingly becoming known worldwide as the best value on the market. Why buy from us? Here are five things that we do better than all other binocular stores-

  • Every binocular expertly tested and tuned
  • Knowledgeable staff, ready to help
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Exceptional service and support
  • No dealer mark-up on OBERWERK products

 Every binocular expertly tested and tuned
Every Oberwerk binocular is tested and tuned to perfection in Dayton, Ohio by Kevin Busarow. Over the last 17 years, Kevin has tested over 20,000 binoculars, and is one of the most-experienced (and fanatical) optical techs in the business. Kevin's testing involves numerous visual and mechanical checks, with a special emphasis on "collimation" (alignment). Because Oberwerk makes the world's most powerful binoculars, BigBinoculars.com is the only store in the USA that routinely sells binoculars that are capable of extreme magnifications (40x and higher). At these magnifications, they must be as perfectly-aligned as mechanically possible, in order to provide well-merged images with no eyestrain, at any IPD setting. Kevin applies the same level of precise alignment required by our high-magnification binocular telescopes across the entire product line, down to the least-expensive low-magnification models, making Oberwerk binoculars the most perfectly-collimated binoculars on the market.

 Knowledgeable staff, ready to help
While many astronomy shops and camera stores may sell binoculars, binoculars are not their specialty. Since 1999, our entire business has been focused on binoculars for astronomical and terrestrial usage. When you call (or email) with questions, you'll be speaking with a binocular expert/enthusiast- not just an order-taker. We have the knowledge and experience to help you decide which binocular, and mount if required, will best fit your needs. Our approach is to teach and educate, without sales pressure, to help you make the best choice. If we think a competitor's product might better suite your requirements, we'll tell you so. Finally, BigBinoculars.com is not just an online store- you're welcome to visit us in Dayton to see and try our products (call first to confirm appointment).

 30-day satisfaction guarantee
We want our customers to be thrilled with our binoculars. If you realize you ordered the wrong model, we'll exchange at no charge (except for shipping). If you are not satisfied with our product, we'll accept a return and issue a full refund, up to 30 days after purchase.

 Exceptional service and support
If you receive a binocular that was damaged in shipping, or does not meet your expectations for whatever reason, we'll immediately replace it at our expense, and include a pre-paid return shipping label for the original binocular (USA only). If your binocular requires service beyond the warranty period, our service department stocks all Oberwerk parts, and does repairs at a reasonable hourly rate. Oberwerk also offers the Lifetime Exchange Program, where any Oberwerk binocular, no matter how old or damaged, can be exchanged for a new one at a substantially-reduced price.

 No dealer mark-up on OBERWERK products
Since 1999, Oberwerk has been continually pushing their two Kunming optics factories to progressively-higher quality levels. While other mass-producing brands emphasize increasing profits by cutting manufacturing costs, Oberwerk demands that their factories produce the highest-possible quality they are capable of, regardless of cost. Details can be found here. Because we refuse to cut any corners in the manufacturing process, our products cost considerably more to build than many of our competitors' products. In order to offer competitive pricing, Oberwerk does not sell through distributors and resellers- all sales are directly to our customers through BigBinoculars.com- eliminating typical levels of distribution and retail markup. You'll notice we don't have a phony "retail price", just our everyday low price- so you can be assured that 1) you won't find our binoculars "on sale" elsewhere for less, and 2) you're getting our lowest price no matter when you buy.
Because we thoroughly test every binocular, and carefully pack for shipping, our defect/return rate is exceptionally low and our customer satisfaction very high. Our products are only slightly more expensive than the lowest-priced competitors, and an incredible bargain compared to the rest of the world's finest and most-expensive brands.

If you have any questions, we're standing by ready to help. Call us at 937-253-8010, or email to support@oberwerk.com, and we'll promptly reply.

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