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Miyauchi Binoculars

Miyauchi Binoculars are a unique line of astronomical binoculars from Japan, Bigbinoculars - Miyauchi Binocularsmost with 45-degree viewing. Miyauchi binoculars offer the highest optical performance with the least amount of weight. Most models have more than one magnification available, using optional Miyauchi eyepieces. The smallest Miyauchi model, the stylish 7x50 Binon, offers an incredibly-wide 9.5 degree field of view. The new Saturn series has the longest focal lengths of all production binoculars, giving excellent color correction, high contrast, as well as allowing for much higher magnification than normally available from a binocular. The largest of the Galaxy series, the BR-141, with objectives of almost 6 inches in diameter, is a worthy competitor to Fujinon's mammoth 150mm binoculars. We are the lowest-cost source for Miyauchi binoculars in the USA.

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